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All That You Must Know About Netgear Genie

Do you use Netgear router or the extender? If yes, then this guide on Netgear Genie is something that you can’t miss to read!

This is because with the help of this guide, you could manage your network at your fingertips. But before that, you must get familiar with what is Netgear genie or the smart wizard. Netgear genie is the app that offers complete solution for all of your network issues.

It gives you the leverage of accessing and managing the network settings of your home network on your mobile device. Not only this, but you may also share files over the network and monitor the paired devices at any time. The best part is, with the help of netgear genie, you can execute the process for mywifiext.local setup at very ease.

Cool Features of the Netgear Genie

Best FREE application to screen, oversee and secure your network

Netgear Genie is the best application with which you can’t simply screen your network yet additionally can oversee and secure according to your inclination. Not just this, you won’t really trust this but yes it is a FREE application.

Experience dealing with your Network on your fingertips

Dealing with your network has never been so easy with the usefulness that Netgear genie gives. Here is a snappy audit of what you can do with this keen application:

  • Can execute an internet speed test to know your network speed.
  • Easily set up Guest Networks for Friends.
  • All-time assistance by Netgear extender support for dealing with the network accreditation.
  • Enables you to screen all the presently connected gadgets to your network.

Apart from this, it also helps you complete new extender setup with ease.

Manage your Guest Networks:

On the off chance that you are worried about your protection, the guest networks are exclusively implied for you. The reason being with the guest networks, you can impart your web to your companions without trading off with the network security. It is a sort of a safe network other than the home network that you’re utilizing. Hence, it dispenses the dangers of security ruptures.

Network Map to deal with the paired gadgets:

The smart genie enables you to screen and deal with each gadget that is currently associated with your network. Not just this, with the genie you can without much of a stretch can access to arrange your new extender or router.

Green shading takes after a decent association, though red shading means an awful or No association. Also, you may monitor the other extender’s network with your home network.

What’s more, the best feature of this smart genie is, you will be told each time at whatever point another gadget will interface with your network.

Guard your Network security:

Netgear genie resembles a shield for your system. Not just it can screen the gadgets that are associated with your system, yet in addition gives you the usefulness to separate your any gadget at whenever you needed.

In addition, you can likewise change your Network certifications whenever in only a couple of moments. Furthermore, with the SSO (single sign-on) include, you can even set a solitary login certification for your each system profile and the login.

High-Tech Remote access ability:

Remote access is the latest feature of the Netgear genie. As the name suggests, with this feature you can remotely access your network settings. You can create a user and generate a specific password for this. By using this profile and password you can remotely access your router settings via login page.

Advanced Parental Controls:

You can even set parental controls directly from your phone. No need to engage in hassle & bustle of your router’s portal. For any type of reference or assistance, you can contact our experts for the Netgear extender support.

Still sitting? What are you waiting for? Just grab your device and download the Netgear genie app today to start managing your network in as you like!