A Quick Way to set up Netgear WN3000RPv3 WiFi Range Extender Using WPS

Netgear WN3000RPv3 WiFi range extender reduces the distance of an existing WiFi network. It perks up the internet signal and spread it all over the house. As a matter of fact, Netgear extender setup replicates the WiFi signals coming out from an existing WiFi router.

If you want to enjoy streaming buffer-free online movies, TV shows, and serials, then you have to stick to this post a bit longer. Because we will be guiding you to set up a Netgear WN3000RPv3 WiFi range extender using WPS like a pro.

First of all, let us have a look at its Requirements, Outline, and Signs.


You should have a WiFi router that is capable of the WPS feature.
Moreover, you should have a WPS-capable device (computer or laptop) to access mywifiext.net login page.


Do you want to boost up your existing wireless range to hard-to-reach places that have no internet connectivity? If the answer is a big yes, then Netgear WN3000RPv3 WiFi range extender has a WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) feature that allows you to connect to other networking devices with WPS capability without any need of WiFi password.

But, we recommend securing your WiFi and networking devices with a strong and long password. The main reason behind this to suggest you this is that we just want you to stay safe and away from cybercriminals and anonymous people.


  • Having issues in setting up the wireless range extender initially setting.
  • Tend to connect the range extender to the existing home WiFi network any network password.


Place the WN3000RPv3 range extender and the WiFi router in the same room.
Ensure that you have a fast and furious internet connection coming out of the existing WiFi router.
Also, ensure that your WiFi router is (WiFi-Protected Setup) WPS capable.

Important Point To Note Down

For optimal performance, it is recommended to change the security settings of your main WiFi router to AES (WPA2-PSK) in case your WPS does not support WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security.

For any questions and queries, reach out to us via toll-free number 1-888-674-6890.

  • Plug in your Netgear WN3000RPv3 range extender into an electrical outlet. Wait for the Power LED light on it to become solid green.

Note: In case, you didn’t detect any LED lights, we advise you to push the on/off (power) button once.

  • Now, hold the WPS button on your range extender for a couple of seconds. When you see that the WPS LED on your device has started blinking, release the button.
  • After a few minutes, push the WPS button on your main WiFi router as well.
  • Now, you will see that the WPS LED light on your WN3000RPv3 range extender has started blinking and the existing WiFi router’s Link LED will turn solid green as well. This indicates that your range extender is connected to the main WiFi network successfully. You can now visit mywifiext.net setup page by typing mywifiext.net into the address bar of a relevant and up-to-date web browser.

If you cannot open mywifiext.net, then reach out to us via toll-free number shared above.

  • Finally, you can move your Netgear range extender to your desired location. Make sure that it is placed between your existing WiFi router and the WiFi-enabled devices to acquire a good and speedy internet signal.
  • Connect your computer or laptop to the WN3000RPv3 new network name (SSID). For this, you have to connect your router and the range extender physically and properly with each other.

Note: If your internet or the networking device has a WPS feature, simply push the WPS button on WN3000RPv3 and within a couple of minutes, push the WPS button on your WPS capable device to connect them with each other instantly without any need of the security key (password).

A Beneficial Tip

In case mywifiext.net not working, then you can make use of (default IP address of your range extender) as well to get mywifiext.net setup success.